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U.S. Company Markets Racist, Sexist Version of Film About Aboriginal Women Overcoming Racism, Sexism

Abby Zimet

What is wrong with this picture?

Irony Not Dead Yet Dept: The Sapphires, an award-winning Australian film about four young Aboriginal women who overcame many obstacles to form a soul quartet in the 1960s, is being released in the U.S. The Australian DVD showed four indigenous actresses with their manager, a white man, behind them. Anchor Bay's U.S. DVD shows the white guy front and center; behind him are the blurred blue lead women characters - as notes, "They are black black black black blackety-black black. Not blue. Oh, and they’re women. And this is their story." She is evidently not the only one furious Anchor Bay "dick-washed and white-washed" them: There have been protests by Chris O’Dowd - the aforementioned white guy, whose name is the only one to appear - the original Sapphires, the NAACP, aboriginal rights advocates - and a petition.

"Movies about women are rare enough. Movies about black women are even rarer. And now we’re gonna pretend the movies about women, whatever their color, aren’t even about them at all?"

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