All Further Articles for 2013-08-01

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Dive In: It Don't Gitmo Better Than This
From artist Molly Crabapple, a searing, surreal account of life at Guantánamo, where 166 shackled prisoners at the harsh mercy of Enhanced Reaction Forces coexist with a McDonald’s, a Gitmo gift shop and a Team Gitmo outdoor movie theater; where journalists bed down in Camp Justice in order to write censored stories rated “friendly” to “adversarial”; where information is contraband, staples are weapons, iguanas are protected, and just 22 of 166 prisoners are even "chargeable," never mind convictable, of any crime. Yes, it's still there.
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Not 'If' But 'When'
A new time-lapse video from the Center for Biological Diversity brings frightening visualization to the 8,000 U.S. pipeline "incidents," i.e. spills and explosions, since 1986 that have brought death and destruction to the US. With Obama's decision on Keystone XL—which officials say could spill up to 100 times during its lifetime—looming, the environmental group says his choice is clear. “The question is not if Keystone XL will spill, but when. For this and so many other reasons, Keystone XL should never be built.”
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Go Home: UK Sends Out Racist Van Across London to Tell Brown-Skinned People Please Go Away
Proving that other countries occasionally do even dumber things than we do, the U.K. is being blasted for a "stupid and offensive" so-called immigration campaign in which a quickly-dubbed Racist Van drives around London warning: "In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest." An enthusiastic Downing Street says it's inspired "a great deal of interest"; do they know it's most visibly in the form of furious spoofs and memes?
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People Are Dying
It's an awful price to pay, but the tragedy of Trayvon Martin may yet do some good. Citing the inextricably linked issues of "race and reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct," two lawmakers have re-introduced a bill prohibiting police from racial profiling even as efforts grow in Florida to repeal Stand Your Ground, including a legislator's new website to "begin the discussion." “Racial profiling is not and never will be an effective form of law enforcement. When (law) relies on bias over evidence... it turns American justice on its head."
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