All Further Articles for 2013-08

Friday, August 30, 2013
Where's Damascus?
A new "game" from Us Vs Th3m shows a world map titled "Where's Damascus?", notes the U.S. is "probably" about to bomb it, and asks viewers to find it. In a day, over 100,000 people tried. A slim majority guessed within 200 miles. But guesses from within the US Department of Defense were statistically worse than many other groups, with just 57% getting it roughly right. Madness. White House petition, rallies Saturday.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013
The Mad That We Feel
The sound and fury around the March on Washington has subsided, leaving in its wake the usual rhetorical detritus - the right's claim that not a single Republican showed up because they weren't invited, the truth they were but all declined, citing scheduling conflicts and the fact they don't give a shit (we wish.) More importantly, missing were two key Dreamers' voices, including Dream Defenders' Phillip Agnew, who was cut moments before. From the eloquent Agnew, "They told us that they ran out of time, but we believe our time is now." Unfazed, he took to YouTube to deliver his great speech. “Fifty years ago a man told us of a Promised Land. And for fifty years we’ve wandered and wondered. Where are the youth? A constant whisper in our ears...And so we have come, asking neither permission nor questions, but to say that we are here. And we are ready."
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Rape Victim, 14, As Much In Control As Her Rapist Teacher, 48, Says Judge Who Kindly Gave Him 30-Day Sentence
A Montana judge has apologized for his remarks but not amended his sentence of just 30 days in jail for a former high school teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old student who later committed suicide. Judge Todd Baugh inexplicably cut Stacey Dean Rambold, now 54, a whole lot of slack because Cherice Morales was "as much in control of the situation" as the so-called adult and authority figure with a history of sexual offenses. Baugh also argued Morales was "older than her chronological age" - maybe, like, 15 and wearing mascara? - so musta been asking for it. Jesus.
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Performance Art: U.S. CEOs Do A Shockingly Lousy Job, Often at Your Expense, But Still Make Tons of Money Doing It
The 20th anniversary edition of Executive Excess , the paean to corporate greed and incompetence that is the Institute for Policy Studies' annual report on CEO pay and "performance," finds 4 in 10 of America's highest-paid CEOs were "bailed out, booted, or busted" - ie: trashed the economy so thoroughly we all had to bail them out, got fired or went to jail for fraud. The rest just earned their companies' federal tax subsidies by making their usual 354 times what the average worker makes. Outrageous. Charts tell the tale.
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Beware: Hurricane Marco Rubio Set To Pound Eastern Seaboard, Eye of Michele Bachmann Just Off Florida
350 Action has a terrific new video out to support a petition to rename the disasters increasingly stemming from climate change after pols who don't believe in it. Featuring mock newscasts that manage to be both hilarious and frightening.
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On War and Love
From Syria, amidst the horrific pictures of bodies, the media's persistent drumbeat for war and the carefully amoral rhetoric by U.S. officials comes a small, real, heart-wrenching reality check: Video of the moment a father finds his son, thought to be killed, after a chemical attack. This is the truth of what happens, notes Charles Pierce, when "we make war in a place without going to war in a place." "When you make war in a place, actual people die actual deaths. Fathers get killed. Children get killed. School buildings and hospitals fall down all around the people inside them...That is what we do now. We make war in a place without going to war in a place, and nobody is fooled except ourselves."
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Hammer Out Love: Walker's Capitol Police Are Getting (Way More) Violent
Wisconsin Capitol police/henchmen are evidently getting some sick of all those irksome singers insisting on love and democracy and stuff. On Monday a phalanx of cops brutally tackled and hauled off two African-American brothers peaceably observing the singers. They charged both with resisting arrest, and one with felony battery. Unbelievable. Video. Intense.
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Honk For Impeachment
The dog days of summer have brought out feverish fringers' calls for Obama's impeachment, which would be intriguing if it wasn't for all the wrong "reasons" - Obamacare, Benghazi, being too nice to brown people. Thus do we have GOP legislators wistfully talking up impeachment as "a dream come true," Overpasses for Impeachment and, because God love capitalism, a new Impeachment Store from WND added to their survival kits, 10 Commandments lawn signs and Ted Nugent for President bumper stickers. But even supporters admit impeachment is a long shot, given that little issue of finding evidence. The irony: They might, if they weren't looking in all the wrong places.
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Monday, August 26, 2013
Feeding the Homeless Is Now An Arrestable Offense
Improbably, North Carolina, home of an ALEC-inspired GOP agenda on steroids and Moral Mondays protesting it, just got worse. This weekend a charity that for years has fed the homeless in downtown Raleigh was told they faced arrest if they handed out one more coffee and sausage biscuit - this, as 70 hungry people watched and waited for breakfast. The Love Wins Ministry - really - is one of several charities told by police to stop acting out their sketchy Christian principles in places that might embarrass potential developers. City officials are now looking for a more invisible location. "I feel like they are trying to flush us out and get rid of the riff-raff. I don’t know where they’re going to run us to.” - Raheem Andrews, who has been eating those breakfast sandwiches since 2009
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Obama Gives Bush "Absolute Immunity" For Everything
Days before Bradley - now Chelsea - Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for helping expose U.S. war crimes, Obama's DOJ filed a petition in court arguing that the perpetrators of those crimes - Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al - enjoy “absolute immunity” against criminal or civil charges. The filing came in a suit by an Iraqi single mother and refugee who alleges the planning and waging of the Iraq war was a "crime of aggression" under Nuremberg laws - a last-ditch legal maneuver aimed at holding Bush & Co. accountable for crimes that, in the current culture of impunity, Obama evidently has no interest revisiting.
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