All Further Articles for 2013-07-31

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Criminalizing California
What is up with California? In the wee hours, the city council in Oakland - home of Oscar Grant, the Black Panthers and a famously racist police department - passed two deeply Orwellian measures. One bans "tools of violence" like spray cans and hammers from protests; the other approves a vast surveillance center, manned 24-7 by police, linking city surveillance cameras with police and fire dispatch, Twitter feeds and pretty much everything moving in the city limits. It's called the Domain Awareness Center. What does that mean? For starters, it means be very afraid.
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We Are Not For Sale: Health Care, Not Cookies
An Infuriating Work of Staggering Condescension: Having gone back on his word not to obliterate women's health care with a package of extreme anti-abortion measures he then signed, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory wanted to make nicey-nice with protesters at his mansion, so he went out and brought them.....cookies. They were not well-received. Meanwhile, the Moral Monday protesters are taking their grievances on the road with local rallies and legal challenges to stop the GOP. The new North Carolina Music Love Army will sing them on their way.
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