Slow Death For Democracy

Slow Death For Democracy

Abby Zimet

Arguing that ever since Bradley Manning's arrest in 2010 "the government has perverted the values it claims to represent," David Gespass of the National Lawyers Guild powerfully condemns "the travesty" that was today's  conviction and its message: "Hypocrisy and criminality are rife in the United States government and, in its eyes, the worst criminals are those who expose such evils." With more from Esquire's Charles Pierce on the terrifying "logic of authoritarians...pursued so vigorously by a putatively democratic state."

"There are two ways in which any government can seek to control security leaks. The first is by honesty and transparency, by allowing the public to know enough to make democratic decisions about how far is too far. That is the path that the United States, and this president, claims to follow. The second is by threatening draconian consequences to anyone who exposes questionable policies and practices to the light of day. That is the path the United States, and this administration, has chosen with the prosecution of Bradley Manning and others."

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