Dream Defenders Sit Their Ground at Scott's Office

Dream Defenders Sit Their Ground at Scott's Office

Abby Zimet

A young, growing group of activists dubbed the Dream Defenders are now in their 10th day of occupying the Florida Capitol outside the office of Gov. Rick Scott. They say they will remain until Scott calls a special session to consider their proposed Trayvon Martin Act, which would repeal the state's Stand Your Ground law, address racial profiling, and end a zero-tolerance policy in the justice system for minority youth that has resulted in a virtual school-to-prison pipeline. To no one's suprise, Scott has resisted calls to review Stand Your Ground. But the group, which is holding mock legislative sessions and weekly demonstrations, is garnering support from state Democrats and national groups, and plans a mass mobilization on Friday, says it isn't leaving.

"We stay until we win," said Gabriel Pendas, one of the group's co-founders.

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