All Further Articles for 2013-07-16

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
U.S. Lifts Propaganda Ban, Will Now Go For It
Because the government doesn't wield enough power over what we see and hear, the reform of a decades-old ban on domestic propaganda will this month unleash thousands of hours a week of government-funded TV and radio programming, once only heard abroad, here at home. Critics worry expanded U.S. programming may be used to influence public opinion or "shape the essential narrative of a conflict" - a.k.a. lie about our wars. But a spokesman insists the agencies will "present fair and accurate news." So not to worry.
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Israel Detains Crying 5-Year-Old (Need It Be Said?) Palestinian Boy
Israeli officials have cleared soldiers of wrongdoing when they detained a five-year-old in Hebron after he threw a rock at a car, arguing they never formally arrested him. No. They just detained him as he screamed and cried, took the terrified kid to his home, handcuffed and blindfolded his father evidently for the crime of being his father, and handed them over to Palestinian Police, thus helping answer Israelis' oft-asked, unfathomably clueless question: Why do they hate us? Video.
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Monday, July 15, 2013
McDonald's Budget Suggestions: No Food, No Heat, Get A Second Job
Thanks For Nothing Dept: Disingenuously preaching “You can have almost anything you want as long as you plan ahead and save for it,” the Czars at Mcdonalds have launched a website to "help" its workers budget on their massive paycheck of $18,000 a year, or $8.25 an hour. Their "calculations" include $20 a month for health care, $600 a month for rent, nothing for heat, food, clothing or child care, and, oh yeah, a second job. It would take the average McWorker a million hours to earn what the company’s CEO makes. What's more outrageous: that, or the grotesque hypocrisy of this site? Tough call. "Organization is the key to financial success. As you organize your financial records you gain the knowledge you need to become a better decision-maker. During the process, you'll discover some expenses you may want to eliminate..." Like, say, food?
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