A Dead Black Kid

A Dead Black Kid

Abby Zimet

The trial of George Zimmerman - the guy legally presumed innocent even as the kid he killed was presumed guilty - is winding down. MSNBC chose to run a brutal photo of Trayvon Martin's uncovered body, as did some social media. The question arises: Is there any reason to show this? Do not click through if you don't think so.

Adam Weinstein on running the photo: "Good old-fashioned rage that this kid is dead because my home state empowered a dullard aficionado of Van Damme and Seagal movie cliches to choose his own adventure. Florida literally gave George Zimmerman license to make up neighborhood threats and invite violent confrontations, confident in the knowledge that he carried more firepower jammed down his sweaty fat waistband than every army on earth beheld before 1415."

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