All Further Articles for 2013-07-09

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Bulletproof Security: Mining Company Hires Paramilitary Commandos to Guard Their Precious Equipment, and Wisconsin Is Unhappy
In response to protests against a proposed $1.5 billion iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin by Gogebic Taconite, the mining company has hired masked, camouflaged, assault-rifle-toting guards from a "no compromise" security force that boasts of "professional operators" who can "smoothly manage surrounding threats." Thanks to the witless overkill, the "surrounding threats" are mostly once-peaceable, now-pissed residents blasting the company's “confrontational and incendiary step" in the name of profit. “Some of the local people are wondering what the heck? It’s come to a sad situation when you’ve got to have a machine gun to protect a business that people around here don’t want.” Update : More on the guy behind the mercenaries-for-hire. He's also into real estate and payday loans.
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This Is My Government
Rushing headlong to pass their egregious abortion restriction bills, the Texas House paused just long enough to throw out a young woman offering a great and furious rant on their war against women. With livestream, a transcript of what else she would have said if troopers didn't get to her first, and the 80-plus-year old Margaret and Helen asking of those "hypocritical bullies," "Are they saving babies or just calling you a slut?" "Margaret, if my vagina could shoot bullets it would have fewer regulations on it...I am old enough to remember what happens to women who don’t have access to safe, legal abortions. But I guess if you don’t like women, killing a few is of no concern."
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NSA: We Can't Tell You About Our Data on You Because We Got It Covertly So It Must Be Dangerous
Everything Is Classified Dept: Want to know what the NSA has on you? Think the Freedom of Information Act will get it for you? Think again. Clayton Seymour, a 36-year-old IT specialist, Navy veteran, Obama voter and "generally law-abiding citizen" from Ohio, curious about what data might exist on him, sent a FOIA request to the NSA. Their Orwellian response to his request, and reportedly many more like it: We gathered it covertly, so it must be dangerous, so it's classified, and anyway what Constitution? "To the extent that your request seeks any metadata/call detail records on you...we cannot acknowledge the existence or non-existence of such metadata records...Any positive or negative response (would) allow our adversaries to accumulate information and draw concusions about NSA's technical capabilities, sources and methods (which) would reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security."
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Monday, July 8, 2013
Disrupting the Pink Aisle
Check out this fierce (sort of) pack of more-than-just-a-princess girls storming an all-pink aisle of Toys 'R Us in a cool new ad for GoldieBlox, a construction toy for girls that Stanford engineer Debbie Sterling designed - and funded with a Kickstarter project that raised almost twice its goal. Coming soon to a (hopefully increasingly gender-neutral) store near you.
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