A Sick, Cruel Joke: Bush Award For "Improving the Human Condition"

A Sick, Cruel Joke: Bush Award For "Improving the Human Condition"

Abby Zimet

Evidently believing that a former president, even a lying, murderous,  sociopathic one, is good for business, the University of Denver's Josef Korbel School of International Studies decided to give George Bush a humanitarian “Improving the Human Condition” Award, prompting outraged students and faculty to protest Bush's "legacy of human rights abuses, including the torture of detainees in extraterritorial jails, preemptive war, domestic surveillance programs and other egregious actions that deleteriously impact the human condition" in a petition. Even school officials were subsequently forced to concede they may have a point, announcing they would still give him an award but likely change its name - maybe to Worst Lying Murderous Sociopathic President, Ever?

“We urge you to choose an alternative recipient of the 2013 ‘Improving the Human Condition Award’ who better represents a humanitarian spirit, a commitment to human rights and human dignity, and whose contributions and leadership have truly resulted in positive change.” - from the petition.

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