All Further Articles for 2013-07-08

Monday, July 8, 2013
A Sick, Cruel Joke: Bush Award For "Improving the Human Condition"
Evidently believing any former president, even a lying murderous sociopath, is good for business, the University of Denver's School of International Studies decided to give George Bush a humanitarian award, prompting outraged students and faculty to protest his legacy of human rights abuses, including torture, preemptive war and domestic surveillance. Even school officials were forced to concede they had a point, after which they announced they would still give him an award but likely change its name - maybe to Worst Lying Murderous Sociopath, Ever?
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Anatomy of A Protest: North Carolina and Your (Formerly) Private Information
As North Carolina's growing Moral Monday protests enter their 10th cycle today, the right-wing Civitas Institute is working hard to discredit the thousands of cititzens who claim to represent a cross-section of the state by revealing "who they really are" - ie: obviously, dirty commie "outsiders." So Civitas has posted a scarily detailed protester database offering a raft of personal information on arrestees: name, age, salary, mugshot, affiliation. The kicker: Turns out they're, umm, a cross-section of the state, with 98% from North Carolina and the largest age group 56-65. And God knows we're dangerous.
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