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Saturday, June 29, 2013
Say What? Chalking It Up to Big Brother, Guy Faces 13 Years For Sidewalk Slogans
It was bad enough when a health care activist, demonstrating against a move that would leave 700,000 Pennsylvanians uninsured, got arrested for chalking on a wall the “derogatory" remark, “Governor Corbett has health insurance, we should too.” Then came the trial for a San Diego activist arrested for protesting bank bailouts by chalking slogans like "No Thanks, Big Banks" on the sidewalk; he faces 13 counts of vandalism that could give him 13 years in jail. On the trial's first day, a judge prohibited the mention of the First Amendment or free speech. Come to think on it, sounds about right. “The People do not fear that this reading (will) make criminals of every child using chalk. Chalk festivals may still be permitted. Kids acting without malice may still engage in their art. Circumventing the rules, without permission, under the color of night, and now waiving a banner of the First Amendment, does not negate the fact that defacement occurred." Update : Acquitted. (Duh.) Wonder how much that cost.
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