All Further Articles for 2013-06-13

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Sanders on Snowden: The Gnawing Questions
Dismissing the hero-or-traitor debate swirling around Edward Snowden in "the court of public opinion," the ever-cogent Bernie Sanders insists our focus should be "the gnawing questions his actions raised from the shadows" - as in, how else is the government invading our privacy, why do Democrats condone in Obama the same curbing of liberties they blasted Bush for, when will the administration stop misleading - okay, lying to - the public, etc. Sanders = national treasure.
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Demand Zero: Because Words - Even Obama's - Must Mean Something
Ahead of next week's G8 summit, a terrific new video featuring a slew of A-list Hollywood actors simply echoing a 2009 speech by President Obama in which he called for “a world without nuclear weapons.” From Global Zero. “Some argue that the spread of these weapons cannot be stopped, cannot be checked. Such fatalism is a deadly adversary.” - De Niro/Damon
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013
America's Worst Charities
Nothing like ripping off dying kids in the name of personal profit. The Tampa Bay Times, working with the Center for Investigative Reporting, offers an explosive, in-depth look at America's 50 worst "charities," which over the last ten years have raised over $1 billion but given mere pennies on each dollar - and sometimes nothing - to those it claims to help. Through tricks and fees and lies, the charities instead make millions for their operators and corporate solicitors. Dante must have saved his tenth circle of hell for these people.
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