The Real War On Women Is Gun Control. Wait, What?!?

Abby Zimet

Two God-loving, fear-mongering groups you've probably never heard of - Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Second Amendment Foundation - have launched a video campaign featuring a nice-looking grandmother and her two grandkids at home being threatened by a Bad Guy in order to persuade us that the "real war on women" is those commies trying to take our guns despite "your constitutional and God-given right" to "protect yourself and your children" by shooting willy-nilly at whoever shows up at the door even if it's actually the gas guy to read the meter. They offer this argument even though guns kill kids (here's today's) at twice the rate of cancer, 43 laws restricting abortion were enacted last year making it the second-worst year ever for abortion rights, scores of domestic violence shelters are threatened due to budget cuts, sexual assault in the military is at an all-time high with an official response deemed "stunningly bad, women's right to contraception is being challenged as it hasn't been since the 1950s, and the House voted today to extend nationwide the "astonishing" Trent Franks bill that would ban all abortions after 20 weeks as "relocated infanticide." Say what? The war against our constitutional and God-given right to protect ourself and our children is all around us, but it's got nothing to do with guns.

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