Idiot Guv

Abby Zimet

Sigh. Another cringeworthy tantrum by Maine's Tea Party "governor" Paul LePage - the one who told the NAACP to "kiss my butt" - has him storming out of the State House to set up digs elsewhere (even though it's likely ilegal) because now Democrats "are saying the Governor of Maine cannot have a TV in the waiting area" and "taking their cue from the Obama Administration in Washington, D.C., which has violated the free-speech rights of American citizens and used the power of the government to silence those who disagree with them" and "if I have to remove myself from the toxic climate of censorship by Democrats in the State House to defend the taxpayers of Maine, then that's what I will do" blah dee dee blah insert more gibberish here from the guy whose policies have done nothing but hurt all the wrong people. Nowadays Maine has an Appalled by LePage website, with an Appall-O-Meter usually set at 90%. We have bumper stickers that say, "One of 61% of Mainers Embarrassed by our Governor." We have Democrats seeking, semi-facetiously, $14 donations to help send this idiot packing. And we have the dismal knowledge that, for the first time in some time, Maine's politics are (often) just as depressing as everyone else's.


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