Oklahomans Want Coburn to Take His Thoughts and Prayers and Shove 'Em

Oklahomans Want Coburn to Take His Thoughts and Prayers and Shove 'Em

Abby Zimet

In the time-honored tradition of setting abstract and often wrong-headed partisan politics above the needs of real-life people, Oklahoma's GOP Sen. Tom Coburn, along with his colleagues a longtime climate change skeptic and foe of federal disaster relief, announced within hours of the devastating tornadoes hitting his state that any federal disaster aid should be paid for with budget cuts elsewhere, no doubt preferably affecting poor people. So when he tweeted that his "thoughts and prayers" were with the suffering victims of "the tragic tornado outbreak," they weren't having any of it.

From his Facebook page: "You are simply just a bad person...You are failing miserably as a senator and a human being. Fucking piece of garbage.... To hell with you sir, and enjoy the weather...You are the enemy - you disgust us all."

Update: Coburn's office has blasted his "crass" critics for "playing disaster aid politics." It adds that Dr. Coburn has opposed disaster aid bills in the past because "he believes disaster funding should be used to pay for disasters, not a wish-list of parochial or backlogged priorities," all of which - crass, parochial priorities - Dr. Coburn knows something about. 



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