All Further Articles for 2013-05-17

Friday, May 17, 2013
How Many Cops Does It Take to Handcuff One (Smallish) Guy In NYC?
Watch the stampede of NYPD at a 135th Street subway station when Clive Utter, 31, allegedly jumped the turnstile, after which he was slammed into the wall, dropped onto the floor and cuffed by at least 25 officers - and a bystander filming the mayhem was forced to stop. Your tax dollars at work.
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And Another One
As debate rages about sexual assault in the military, an officer in charge of sexual assault prevention has for the third time in two weeks been arrested for doing the things he's supposed to be preventing. Lt. Col. Darin Haas was charged with stalking and sending his wife threatening texts in violation of a court order. Haas was head of the sexual harassment and assault response program at Fort Campbell, Ky. Getting surreal.
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Thursday, May 16, 2013
Duh: Howcum 97% of Scientists Say Humans Cause Climate Change But Americans Still Don't Get It?
The most ambitious survey on the causes of climate change - covering 11,994 peer-reviewed papers by 29,000 scientists over 20 years - has found that 97.1% agree climate change is caused by human activity, with dissenters representing a "vanishingly small proportion." Yet industry lobbying has created a "gaping chasm" between scientific consensus and public perception, with just 42% of Americans seeing the connection. "The public have been confused because people have been trying to confuse us."
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