All Further Articles for 2013-05-14

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Again: Army Sexual Assault Prevention Officer Accused Of Sexual Assault
In the second such case in two weeks, an unnamed sergeant in charge of sexual assault prevention at Fort Hood is under investigation for a range of sexual assaults, including abusive sexual contact, pandering, forcing a subordinate into prostitution and running a prostitution ring. Just wow.
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Barbie's Life-Sized Glitter-Encrusted Dreamhouse Experience Awaits You!
It's here! Barbie's fabulous interactive mansion is coming to a mall near you! One just opened in Florida, another opens this week in Berlin! It has pink elevators to "transport" you from the walk-in "glitterizer" to the "diamond" ring display to the "endless" closet where you can "try on" Barbie fashions, all while wearing your Radio Frequency Identification bravelet to give you a "personalized experience"! Alas, Thursday's opening in Berlin is expected to meet with protests by Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse, Pink Stinks and other commie losers. They're probably jealous of the glitterizer. "The vast majority of little girls play with a doll that, if she were real, would be anorexic and whose life would consist of waiting for Ken in the car." - Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse
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Is This How We Define Exploitative/Hypocritical?
In the ostensible name of "improving" immigration policy, humanitarian Texas Sen. John Cornyn - who opposes the Dream Act, wants to drone-ify the border, and recently complained about shifty guys "wearing some form of turban" trying to get into his country - has released a new video showing him mournfully walking through an ad hoc graveyard full of the same brown-skinned people he's working so hard to keep out, and whose deaths are on pace to double this long hot summer. Low.
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