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We (Heart) Carbon Dioxide and Need More, Actually

We (Heart) Carbon Dioxide and Need More, Actually

Abby Zimet

Citing the "single-minded demonization of (a) natural and essential atmospheric gas," the Wall Street Journal has hit an astonishing new low with a Monty-Pythonesque op-ed by a couple of climate change deniers arguing that because plants need carbon dioxide, we need more for the planet to thrive, not less like all those hysterical liberal carbon bigots keep saying. Harrison H. Schmitt and William Happer's “In Defense of Carbon Dioxide" utilize every long-debunked myth to portray CO2 as "a boon to plant life," and thus all life, to produce an ode to fossil fuels Columbia Journalism Review calls "shameful even by the dismal standards of that page."






"Nowadays, in an age of rising population and scarcities of food and water in some regions, it’s a wonder that humanitarians aren’t clamoring for more atmospheric carbon dioxide."
















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