Everyone's Eyes and Ears, For When Something Is "Not Quite Right"

Everyone's Eyes and Ears, For When Something Is "Not Quite Right"

Abby Zimet

In evidently the first program of its kind in an ever-jittery nation, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has been awarded $1 million for its Community Partners Against Terrorism, wherein snoopy neighbors are encouraged to report unusual behavior or "anything else that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck," which God knows is a rigorously objective standard for turning in that guy you never much liked anyway. Responding to citizen phone calls, "prevention intervention" units will "respect people’s autonomy and privacy," so of course there's nothing to worry about.

“We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government, hates the mayor and he’s gonna shoot him. What does it hurt to have somebody knock on a door and ask, ‘Hey, is everything OK?’ ”

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