All Further Articles for 2013-05-09

Thursday, May 9, 2013
McBarf: Your Happiest Meal Ever, Served By Your Badly Underpaid McTeachers
Wow. Did you know that along with $1 billion in advertising sludge, profit-making turned into "charity" to appease "gatekeepers" - aka mothers - of their victims, and the stealth invasion by their creepy clown of schools across this fine obese land, McWorld does this: They hold McTeachers' Nights wherein under-paid, over-worked teachers spend a night after their hard day cleaning tables and making smoothies for free at your local McPredators, which then gives a teeny bit of the money they make to your woefully underfunded school. For Mother's Day, many people are saying: Not.
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Banks Get Great Deals, Students Get Ripped Off: Warren Wonders What's Wrong with This Picture
Sensibly arguing that "we shouldn’t be profiting from students who are drowning in debt," Sen. Elizabeth Warren in her first bill suggests students get loans at the same low rate as big banks, rather than a current proposed rate nine times greater. Subsidized student loans are set to double in July to almost 7%, compared with banks' cozy discount rate of 0.75%. Let the teeth-gnashing begin.
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Harden Not Your Hearts: Jury Finds 83-Year-Old Nun Guilty of Nuclear Break-In
Despite pleas they act as "the conscience of your community," a federal jury found an 83-year-old nun and two fellow protesters guilty of interfering with national security last July when, armed with Bibles, white roses, crime-scene tape and paint, they broke into the most secure part of a Tennessee nuclear processing plant known as the “Fort Knox of uranium.” Though over-reaching prosecutors were so embarrassed they threw first-ever felony charges at them, Sister Megan Rice said she was only sorry she'd waited so long to do it. "My regret was I waited 70 years...It is manufacturing that which can only cause death."
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