In Palestine, Trying to Let Our Voice Reach Outside

In Palestine, Trying to Let Our Voice Reach Outside

Abby Zimet

Young Palestinians grappling with arbitrary arrests and other gritty daily realities of life under occupation can now tell their stories and "have their voices heard" by creating graphic novels through a new initiative, Palestine Through Graphics. In weekly workshops held in the West Bank and Gaza by Sharek Youth Forum, a youth advocacy group, kids learn to draw and write of the things they live, but shouldn't have to: “Here, the soldier has arrested me and some of my friend...I don't know why I was arrested, really. I'm very sad there." You can help here. A little goes a long way.

“Our voice is not heard by anyone. (We) all have a story about life under occupation, but there is no one who can hear us. So we try to let our voice reach outside [Palestine] through graphic novels.” - Feda Ayyass, a Sharek volunteer.

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