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Monday, May 6, 2013
Bleeding Obama Zombies, Conceal Carry Bras and Other Wonders of the NRA
Because they are such a class act, the NRA convention featured lots of cool stuff, including many many guns, an Obama-like Zombie firing range dummy that "bleeds" when shot, another buxom (bleeding) dummy called "The Ex," bras to hold guns, and more guns. An NRA official reportedly asked the Zombie vendor to take down the Obama Zombie and put it behind the counter, just in case anyone thought it was, you know, tasteless. Another one: A six year-old girl in Florida was shot by her 13-year-old brother. This is insane. And: Saying he embodies their "core values and beliefs," the NRA has chosen Colorado shooter James Holmes as its new head. From The Onion.
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