Little Snivelling Jerks: Rush Complains He's Only Got Penile Enhancement Ads

Little Snivelling Jerks: Rush Complains He's Only Got Penile Enhancement Ads

Abby Zimet

A sliver of good news to start the week: With Clear Channel posting losses of $424 million last year, Limbaugh has taken to the vile airwaves to complain all you "little snivelling jerks" have driven away so many normal sponsors - by simply telling them what he says - he's been reduced to the advertising likes of Ageless Male, Rove Pest Control and Ronco Veg-o-matic. Alas, he's still getting paid over $38 million a year to spew his sludge. Flush him, stop him, help the petition to Clear Channel reach 500,000 jerks. Your children will thank you for the (more) breatheable air.

"What’s happening is that mainstream media buyers are sending money elsewhere, trying to harm (us)....These are things we had to overcome on this–we have to fight that battle every day here anyway.  Cause these little sniveling jerks are out there trying to scare advertisers, still goes on.” - Rush, who still doesn't know how to make full sentences.


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