Fiction Accomplished: Bush Outhouse Makes Excuses, Rewrites History, Lies and Lies About Its Awful Crimes

Abby Zimet

It may be tough to keep food down today with the opening of the $250 million "temple to prevarication and ruin" that is the Bush Library and Museum - for many an event akin to pouring battery acid into still-open wounds - and the fawning coverage of a "courtier press." (It's hard to know who is most repellent in the ABC interview where a blandly smiling Dubya tells a nauseatingly disingenuous Diane Sawyer how comfortable he is thanks with his decision to destroy Iraq.) See the Defending Freedom Table! The Ground Zero bullhorn! The video games representing the tough choices facing the great decider: Torture now or later? News of protests here, and, if you can stand it, wry livestream coverage from The Guardian. Charles Pierce, who can barely contain his rage, is best on a wholly dishonorable legacy, the current efforts "to help the country absolve itself from the immense damage it brought upon itself by electing, and then re-electing, a half-bright dry drunk who wrecked nearly everything he touched," and the "monstrous public lie" that is today's event.

"No, he doesn't deserve the day. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans and Iraqis who don't get today."

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