Dark Bargain: What Are We Willing to Give Up Because Two Worthless Dicks Made Two Bombs That Worked?

Abby Zimet

Amidst the debate on what rights should and should not be afforded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, more on our dark bargain and questionable trade-off - liberty vs. safety - that may give us neither; the surreal dichotomy between our fear of random violence, aka "terrorism," and our acceptance of the lurking dangers - 38 gun deaths during the Boston manhunt - of guns all around us; what Robert Reich calls the xenophobia of our endless war on terror; and, most succinctly if rudely from the Rude Pundit, the "pain and suffering about to be inflicted on the rest of us" because two "ball-cap-wearing bros watched too much jihadi shit on the Internet (and) decided to act stupidly, which is what stupid young men do, (and) blow shit up," thus creating "one more tragedy in our carousel of carnage."

"Once again, we’re going to act like a couple of worthless fucks are a threat to the freedoms of the United States, thus turning them into a threat to the freedoms of the United States...We have been on edge in this nation since 9/11, almost fetishistically tearing at ourselves, knowing, just knowing, that Something Bad would happen again... But here's the thing: Something Bad always happens, whether you're anticipating it or not. You are judged by how you react to it. And from the reaction to this, we are fucked beyond fucked."


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