Undue Influence: Monsanto Protection Act Just the Tip of the Genetically Engineered Iceberg

Abby Zimet

It seems the latest Monsanto-coddling legislation is but a logical next step in a decades-long, well-funded network of government-embedded protections enjoyed by what was from its start a chemical company, says a scathing new report from Food & Water Watch. The group traces Monsanto's toxic history - saccharin, DDT, Agent Orange, seeds genetically engineered to withstand massive, growing amounts of (Monsanto) herbicides and pesticides, artificial growth hormone rBGH; its bloated numbers - 404 facilities in 66 countries,  plants grown on over 282 million acres worldwide, including 40% of U.S. farmland, $11.8 billion in net sales, $62,356,730 spent in the last two years on U.S. lobbying efforts; and its strong ties to lawmakers, regulators and researchers, including decades packing the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Agriculture - which has never denied a Monsanto application, and which consulted with Monsanto on its so-called organic food standards. The report also suggests actions to stop them. Reading it is a good first step.


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