Samer's Hunger

Samer's Hunger

Abby Zimet

On the day Palestinians mark the 65th anniversary of the massacre of over 100 villagers in Deir Yassin - a seminal moment in the 1948 Nakba that ultimately saw the Israeli destruction of over 450 Palestinian villages and displacement of over 750,000 Palestinians - the Hebron-based Youth against Settlements published a Hunger Speech by Samer Issawi, now reportedly near death from a hunger strike of over six months. Addressing Israelis, he asks them to "stop the loud wail of death...wipe the gunpowder off (your) pen  and from (your) mind the sound of bullets (and) see my features carved deep in (your) eyes... a ghost that stays and doesn’t leave."

"Do not listen to those generals and those dusty myths, for the defeated will not remain defeated, and the victor will not remain a victor."

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