A Matter of Seconds: More Guns, Kids, Lunacy

A Matter of Seconds: More Guns, Kids, Lunacy

Abby Zimet

Another "sad" case involving guns/kids/alcohol, this time when a  four-year-old picked up a loaded gun at a family cook-out in Tennessee and killed the wife of a Sheriff's deputy. Two days later, another four-year-old shot a six-year-old in New Jersey. Meanwhile, Arizona's freshman GOP Rep. Bob Thorpe cancelled his invite to a bulletproof vest retailer to do a sales pitch at the state Capitol because it "might look like it was inappropriate," calling it "a rookie mistake," but he still thinks it's a great idea for legislators to wear them and will offer contact info to the company. He also still opposes any gun control measures - as does the state's Legislature - but he's open to more action on keeping the mentally ill from getting guns because "we've got some wackos out there." R-i-g-h-t. Maybe we should fit newborns with bulletproof vests at the same time as we're putting their teeny hand and foot prints on their birth certificates. Or: we could just pass some sensible gun laws.

Update: The six-year-old, shot in the head, has died.

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