All Further Articles for 2013-04-08

Monday, April 8, 2013
Exxon Has Solution to Arkansas Oil Now in Wetlands: Paper Towels
From Tar Sands Blockade , new photos and video from the Arkansas spill showing a scene so bad it's surreal: Oil has now reached nearby wetlands, either intentionally diverted by Exxon to keep it out of sight or naturally drained there from the company's power washing of streets and sidewalks. There is nothing quite like the sight of their response: a mess of paper towels, specially designed to soak up oil, laid hopefully on the putrid ground. Update : In More, what their tapwater looks like today. And a new video on Exxon as the Johnny Appleseed of oil companies, with their new lawn immersion systems, or pipelines.
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Rough Justice
Vowing to "fight for ourselves," young women in the northern Indian city of Lucknow have banded together into the Red Brigade, a self-defense group aimed at combating, literally and philosophically, sexual abuse. They learn martial arts, patrol the slums where they live, and on the 29th of each month protest the Delhi bus rape that, they hope, may mark the beginning of the end of a culture that sees a rape every 20 minutes as simply "what happens in India."
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