All Further Articles for 2013-04-02

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Not Just Toxic, But Exempt
The news from the Arkansas pipeline spill just got worse. Not only are dead and what officials call "oiled" ducks turning up - coated in oil so thick it's "like removing gum from someone's hair" - but thanks to a legal technicality, it seems Exxon won't be paying into the fund used to clean up their mess. Running through their pipelines is diluted bitumen from tar sands heavy crude, which under a bizarre 1980 law is somehow not classified as oil . That means companies transporting it do not pay into the federal clean-up fund that covers the costs of these feckless, inevitable debacles. And yes. Same goes for Keystone.
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NYPD Goes After Only 'The Right People': Male Blacks 14 to 20. Oh, and Babies.
Thanks to secret recordings by some upstanding cops, a federal trial challenging New York City's stop-and-frisk is making it tough for the NYPD to deny it practises racial profiling. At least two officers taped supervisors insisting they target "the right people at the right time....male blacks 14 to 20, 21," or be punished for not making "their numbers." No quota system here. No excessive force either, despite another lawsuit charging that officers pepper-sprayed a woman and her three young kids for allegedly jumping a subway fare with her stroller.
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Monday, April 1, 2013
Fire and Brimstone Hit Google's Blasphemous Peeps-Hating Socialists for Their Doodle of Chavez
The lovely Google Doodle of Cesar Chávez on Sunday, which would have marked the labor leader's 86th birthday, evidently didn't sit well with many right-wingers, who took to the blogosphere to shriek about conspiracy and sacrilege against poor Jesus and the Easter Bunny by that lousy Marxist dictator from Venezuela (really). They thus prove we need Chávez' message of respect for all - even brown-skinned - more than ever.
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