All Further Articles for 2013-03-28

Thursday, March 28, 2013
Cashing In At $4 Million: Lanny Breuer Goes Home After A Job Badly Done
After inexplicably failing to bring any prosecutions of Wall Street executives who crashed the economy in his alleged job heading the criminal division at the Justice Department, Lanny Breuer is returning to his old firm, where he will defend the same corporations he worked so hard to protect at the DOJ. He will make about $4 million for so gracefully gliding through the obscene, golden revolving door.
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Because Guns (Also Spoons) Don't Kill People, Free Shotguns For All!
Seeking to "take back our city" from crime and gun violence, an Armed Citizen Project affiliate in Tucson has announced a brilliant plan to give away free shotguns in high-crime neighborhoods, an idea that critics and other people with brains are calling "pure idiocy." The intiative was organized by a GOP failed mayoral candidate who believes that linking guns to gun violence is "like saying spoons are responsible for making people fat,” which should be enough, but actually there's more.
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