Out of Sight, Out of Mind: See Every Drone Strike in Pakistan Since 2004 and the (Almost Entirely Innocent) People They Killed

Abby Zimet

Seeking clarity - and outrage - from a murky war, data visualization designers Pitch Interactive have used data from the Bureau for Investigative Journalism to create an astounding infographic showing every drone strike in Pakistan since 2004. Of the estimated 3,100 people killed in those strikes, it shows, 1.5% were identified by U.S. officials as "high-profile" targets, or suspected legitimate bad guys - that, despite the vaunted talk by the U.S. of "precision strikes." The rest were children, civilians, and "other" - those identified by the Obama administration as alleged combatants simply because they are adult males, regardless of what they may or may not have done. See each drone fall, silent, chilling, gathering massive force since 2008. In another like-minded project, if you can stand it, follow a grad student at New York University as he tweets every drone strike as it comes. Then share it all.

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