Curiouser and Curiouser: Tea Party Boycotts Fox News Because They're Too Far Left and They're Smoke and Mirrors and What About Benghazi Anyway?

Abby Zimet

Arguing that "hate knows no reason" and "conservatives are conservative because they are not stupid,” vigilant Tea Partiers held a three-day boycott of the lamentably commie Fox News, that "smoldering ash-heap that was once 'fair and balanced,'" which depending on your numbers and perspective either saw a "mind-shattering" 22% drop in Fox viewership or had no discernible effect whatsoever other than reminding us of the relativity of the political universe. In a typo, IMO, and wtf-strewn screed, the Benghazi Truth! website celebrates the Tea Party "with a snap of their fingers.... making history this past week - REAL history, not screwing-around 'ohhh, Ahhh, isn't that interesting?' history" by insisting that Fox "straight up and go way right fast - really fast - because when a situation has a security level this whisper-thin, control can be lost in a heartbeat," especially given that they will rally a million people to boycott unless they do turn right, or until the new truly right-wing One America Network arrives in July. They want to see more of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his experts explaining about Obama's fake birth certificate, too. Sigh.

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