Hope/Change, Welcome to Apartheid/Occupation

Hope/Change, Welcome to Apartheid/Occupation

Abby Zimet

Obama arrived in Israel to pomp and speeches - less than promisingly, he cited the "eternal alliance" between Israel and the U.S. before going to view the Iron Dome anti-missile system - as well as protests. About 500 people rebuilt the “Bab Al-Shams” outpost of tents in the E-1 area, former Palestinian land where Israel plans to build thousands of new illegal settler homes, thus dividing Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank. Activists held signs saying, "You promised hope and change – you gave us colonies and apartheid.” There were also demonstrations in Hebron, where protesters drew parallels between the U.S. civil rights movement and the Palestinian fight against apartheid. Israeli soldiers arrested about 30 schoolchildren for allegedly throwing stones. No fire hoses yet; updates here.

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