Congress to All Past and Future Innocents: We Barely Sort Of Fought For You

Congress to All Past and Future Innocents: We Barely Sort Of Fought For You

Abby Zimet

The easy and inexplicable surrender to gun nuts that was Congress' failure to fight for an assault weapons ban has been met with fury, none finer to behold than that of the New York Daily News. Blasting the "spineless pols," "gutless cowards," and "self-serving and slobbering supporters of the NRA... all the politicians in the House and the Senate who have pimped themselves out to the NRA," it has asked the cogent post-Sandy Hook questions, "How many small coffins do we need the next time...If not now, when?" More tragically, the final, best word on the subject of gun control comes from a mock open letter from Harry Reid in The Onion. Always a bad sign.

"Yesterday, I took immediate action in the ongoing gun control debate by removing from a proposed firearms bill a provision banning assault weapons, all but ensuring that such a restriction will not be signed into law...But it isn’t enough. In spite of these bold measures, there is far more work to do if we are to enact regulations that achieve marginal, virtually nonexistent progress on gun control. And so today I say to my fellow senators: We must pass through a watered-down and ultimately meaningless package of so-called gun law reforms, and we must do so now."

From Yoko Ono on the 44th anniversary of her marriage to John Lennon.

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