Endangered For Their Lives

Endangered For Their Lives

Abby Zimet

Opening fire with live ammunition, Israeli forces shot and killed Mahmoud Al-Titi, a young Palestinian activist and former prisoner, during a protest at a refugee camp near Hebron - the seventh such death since the start of the year. Israeli military officials say they open fire only if they feel "endangered for their lives." The protesters were throwing stones, with unconfirmed Israeli reports that one "firebomb" was thrown on the road outside the camp. Al-Titi's relatives say he was only filming the protest with a smart phone when he was shot in the head by a sniper. A former journalism student who had served three years in an Israeli jail and also been detained by the Palestinian Authority, Al-Titi was an activist with the Youth Movement for Freed Prisoners who had just been released. With Palestinians - and some Israelis - growing increasingly angry about indefinite Israeli detention, one couple explains just what physically and psychologically life-endangering conditions feel like.

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