Jailbreak the Patriarchy, Even Unto Donkey Kong

Jailbreak the Patriarchy, Even Unto Donkey Kong

Abby Zimet

Top dad points go to Mike Mika, who to "keep that little grin lit up on my daughter's face" hacked the classic online game Donkey Kong to genderswap the roles, making Mario the helpless plumber in distress and Pauline the action hero who rescues him. Using new toys like a browser extension that swaps gender on websites, other gaming men and women are increasingly subverting sexist tropes, including Mike Hoye, who hacked Zelda: The Wind Waker for his three-year-old daughter Maya: "She's the hero of the story, of course."

"I think Maya deserves to have the game address her as herself. Dad's favorite pastime shouldn't treat girls like second-class citizens."


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