All Further Articles for 2013-03-11

Monday, March 11, 2013
Die Bitch: Analyst Says Arming Women Is Not Rape Prevention, For Which She Gets Rape/Death Threats
If you needed any more evidence of how far we haven't come: Activist Zerlina Maxwell appeared on Hannity in a debate about women and guns, arguing the solution to rape isn't telling women to get guns or in fact telling women to do anything, but to create a culture in which men learn it's not okay to rape. For her trouble, she was subjected to "a digital lynch mob," ugly beyond belief.
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Fixing Your Belt While Black
This weekend two NYPD officers shot and killed 16-year-old Kimani Gray in Brooklyn, firing 11 shots at him because he "adjusted his waistband (in) a suspicious manner.” Police say Gray pointed a gun at them and had been arrested before. Witnesses say he was fixing his belt because he was skinny, had never owned a gun and if he had wouldn't have pointed it at six cops because "he had common sense," and was "running for his life." He died at the hospital. Two officers were also taken to the hospital for trauma and tinnitus. You know, from those 11 shots.
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