North Korea to U.S: We Will Turn You Into A Sea of Fire But First Buy One of Our Groovy Organic U.S.-Made Propaganda T-Shirts

Abby Zimet

The U.N. may be passing new sanctions against North Korea for its latest nuclear test and North Korea in turn may be calling those sanctions "an act of war" and subsequently threatening to obliterate South Korea, the United States and the world as we know it, but capitalism, lest we forget, stops for no man or megalomaniac. Thus does the official DPRK website - or at least a part of the website run by a possibly quasi-independent Special Delegate of the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, High Ministry in the Government of the DPRK - include a Cafe Press online store offering an impressive array of Propaganda t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps and jerseys, and messenger bags, with other sites offering other stuff. Some items on the DPRK site are specifically identified as made by American companies, Thermos and American Apparel among them. Others don't say, but sure sound it: "Look cool without breaking the bank (in) our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton tank top," "Stay cool & dry while running, biking, hiking or exercising in this great-looking Dry Fit shirt...(It) comes with a custom printed design to show your passion," and "Be the envy of your tailgate party with this insulated can holder....(burrrrr)." Buy now, going - along with any modicum of limit, reason, taste or political coherence in the global marketplace - fast.


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