Jaradat Death: Nervous Shock As A Result of Extreme Pain From Extensive Acts of Torture

Abby Zimet

A preliminary autopsy report by a Palestinian forensic specialist on Arafat Jaradat, jailed for throwing stones, finds that he died of "nervous shock as a result of extreme pain from the intensity of the injuries described above, which resulted from multiple, direct and extensive acts of torture." Despite Israeli claims that Jaradat, 30, died of a heart attack - followed by an even more surreal "finding" that his body bore no signs of violence, foul play or poisoning - his heart was healthy. The report listed the circumstances of his death as "Vague, in one of the Israeli Occupation jails." A statement from 14 Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations called for Israeli accountaibility and a host of changes under the terms of international law. More on Jaradat's life and death here. Warning: the autopsy is detailed, graphic and infuriating.

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