All Further Articles for 2013-02-19

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
False Prophet: Gay Guy Yells Back at Nutjob Homophobic Preacher, Everyone Cheers
Flouting accepted New York etiquette that says just ignore ranters, weirdos or wandering evangelicals until they go away, a resolute gay man riding the subway confronted a "preacher" yelling anti-gay drivel at his captive audience, shouting him down with, "You are false." In a fine New York moment, see his fellow-travellers erupt in applause. "I’m a good man, and I’m a gay man, and Jesus loves me. Do not listen to this man - he is full of hatred and fear."
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A Rogue Power: Vatican May Shield Pope from Growing Prosecution Efforts
Amidst growing efforts by diverse international law advocates to arrest and prosecute retiring Pope Benedict for the Church's cover-up of child sex crimes, Vatican officials have said they will give the Pontiff sanctuary, arguing that otherwise he would be "defenseless" - a feeling most likely familiar to the Church's many victims of sexual abuse. An upcoming Easter Reclamation Campaign includes several calls to hold the Church legally, morally and financially accountable for their complicity in "crimes against humanity."
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