All Further Articles for 2013-02-15

Friday, February 15, 2013
What the War Is
A jury has awarded World Press Photo of the Year to Paul Hansen of Sweden for his photograph of a group of men carrying the bodies of two dead children through the streets of Gaza City for burial, followed by their father’s body on a stretcher. All were killed in an Israeli missile strike. A Spanish photographer also won several awards for his photos in Gaza. Prizes to images by photographers from 32 countries; most aren't as difficult, or as vital, to look at.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013
The Trayvon Martin Case: It's About All Our Kids
Proclaiming their kids "have the right to walk in peace," Trayvon Martin's family hosted a Peace March between what would have been Trayvon's 18th birthday and next week's one-year anniversary of his shooting death. Meanwhile, a judge refused to delay a "Stand Your Ground" hearing for George Zimmerman, who has gone through over $300,000 in legal funds, $125,000 in living expenses, and evidently alot of Cheetos - he's gained 105 pounds - and may declare himself indigent, which means me, you and Trayvon's family would pay for his defense.
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