All Further Articles for 2013-02-13

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Not To Worry: Sheriff Joe's Armed Posse - Including the Pedophile, the Wife Beater and the Cop Assaulter - Will Protect Your Children
Vowing to "save our kids" from school shootings, Arizona's tough guy Joe Arpaio has sent his 3,500-strong ragtag "posse" of yahoos to patrol schools, learn hand-to-hand combat and hold simulated school shootings - with "training" by action hack Steven Seagal, yet. It seems they include a good number of felons, including those convicted of domestic violence and sex crimes against children . Also, the schools don't want them. But hey, says Joe, what's the problem? Bonus: The NRA's Wayne LaPierre soars to new levels of derangement in an editorial titled "Stand and Fight." He writes that "good Americans are getting ready to protect themselves" against a "Hellish world" of hurricanes, tornadoes, looters and drug gangs.
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Issawi: They Don't Hear Me When I Ask for Help
Palestinian political prisoner Samer Issawi is reportedly near death, shackled to his bed, after over six months on a hunger strike, the longest in history. Despite international protests, the mainstream media has remained almost silent - because, critics say, he is Palestinian, and thus largely invisible. In his last letter, he says he derives "my power and steadfastness from the people of Palestine." Day of action today. Update : Scores of Palestinians were injured in escalating protests in support of Issawi and other hunger strikers.
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Watergate Redux
That didn't take long. Internet wise guys paid swift tribute to Marco Rubio's awkward, baffling water break in the midst of his response to the State of the Union - aka the gulp heard round the world - with a Facebook page: "1,000,000 Strong To Keep Marco Rubio Hydrated." Give generously. The more he's drinking, the less he's talking.
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