All Further Articles for 2013-02-06

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Oops We Did It Again: Anonymous Hacks the Federal Reserve
Proclaiming, "Now we have your attention America," Anonymous breached the Federal Reserve's computer system and posted 4,600 bankers' credentials, a trove one admirer called "a spearphishing bonanza." The Fed confirmed "a temporary vulnerability" led to the release, part of the Operation Last Resort campaign launched by Anonymous in response to Aaron Swartz' prosecution and suicide. Update : The Bush family was also hacked by an evidently longtime hacker who called the action "just another chapter in the game."
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We Should Do Something to Talk About This, So She Is
After decades of moms scrambling to juggle motherhood and work as otherwise developed countries ignored the issue, the U.K. has finally launched new laws offering joint maternity and paternity leave and other flexible child care options. But Licia Ronzulli, an Italian member of the European Parliament, was way ahead of them. She's been bringing her daughter Vittoria to work since she was an infant. More show don't tell.
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The White Paper: Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die
In the wake of the newly revealed Obama memo on drones, which the ACLU has called "a stunning overeach of executive authority," Rachel Maddow asks some tough, smart, scary questions. Among them: If the president can order you dead, on what basis does he make that decision? "The issue here is who’s a bad guy and how do you figure it out?...If you’re an American citizen and the president is going to kill you, do you have the right to give yourself up instead? And how do you know you should do that if the president’s decision (to) kill you is a secret decision that nobody ever tells you?"
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