The Spirit of Enterprise: Big Business Takes Hack NLRB Ruling and Runs With It

Abby Zimet

In the wake of a highly questionable conservative Appeals Court ruling that claims to invalidate Obama recess appointments to the NLRB - and thus a host of rulings protecting workers and possibly consumers - the Chamber of Commerce and other corporate lobbying groups have issued an Action Memo gleefully advising businesses to "act fast" and challenge NLRB rulings against them by filing appeals in the same wacky court "because other circuits may not reach an equally favorable conclusion." Just to make sure, the Chamber is also seeking to invalidate 2011 union rules issued by the NLRB. Others are taking a more direct route: A massive California-based hospital company has told its unions it will not comply with at least two NLRB rulings from the past year that protect workers. Many observers expect last week's ruling "giving the finger to the NLRB" - which if upheld would invalidate an outrageous 600 appointments dating back to Reagan - will go to the Supreme Court; it remains to be seen how much ground workers will lose in the meantime.

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