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Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Open Coffins: On Noah Pozner and Emmett Till
Veronique Pozner, whose son Noah was killed at Sandy Hook, has responded singularly to the shootings. Almost alone among the grieving families, she insisted on seeing Noah's body, insisted on an open casket at his funeral, and insisted the governor view it. Pozner also movingly testified at gun control hearings so that people would "know the ugliness of it so we don’t talk about it abstractly, like these little angels just went to heaven. No. They were butchered." For some, her fortitude mirrors the mother of Emmett Till, who likewise sought to keep the horror real. Pozner on viewing Noah's body, shot 11 times: “I owed it to him as his mother, the good, the bad, the ugly...It is not up to me to say (I am) going to block out the reality of what you look like when you are dead. As a little boy, you have to go in the ground. If I am going to shut my eyes to that I am not his mother. I had to bear it. I had to do it.”
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The Spirit of Enterprise: Big Business Takes Hack NLRB Ruling and Runs With It
In the wake of a conservative Appeals Court ruling that claims to invalidate Obama appointments to the NLRB - and thus a host of rulings protecting workers - the Chamber of Commerce and other cor porate lobbyists are gleefully advising businesses to "act fast" and challenge decisions against them by filing appeals in the same wacky court. Others are taking a more direct route: Citing the ruling - which, if u pheld, would invalidate an outrageous 600 a p pointments dating back to Reagan - they're sim ply telling unions they won't comply with NLRB rulings.
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