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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Offense Becomes Defense: Aaron Swartz and the Pentagon's Cyber War
Two legislators are questioning the harsh federal prosecution of Aaron Swartz even as the Pentagon, citing officials' talk of possible "cyber-Pearl Harbor" attacks by foreign hackers or "aggressor nations," says it will expand its cyber-security force fivefold to over 4,000 people. In the case of both Swartz and our mysterious alleged enemies, you have to wonder who's the real threat here. "What Dwight Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex has been feeding itself on fear campaigns since it was born (with) a never-ending carousel of Menacing Enemies...Cyber-Threats are but the latest."
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Monday, January 28, 2013
Nothing Says Freedom Like Yelling Meaningless Phrases at the Grieving Father Of A Newly Dead Six-Year-Old
Just when you think gun freaks can't go any lower or stupider, along come some NRA jerks shouting "Second Amendment!" at a gun control hearing as a somber Neil Heslin, whose son Jesse was killed at Sandy Hook, asks why anyone would need to own an assault-style, semiautomatic weapon. While many in the large crowd wore "Responsible Gun Owner" stickers, the rabid idiots from the lunatic fringe heckling parents whose first-graders were just massacred for God's sake sure did drown them out. So do GOP rabid idiots like Chuck Grassley, who challenged Obama's call for more research on gun control by saying what gun violence? Video.
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