Earn $20 Easy! Pretend to Hate Clean Energy!

Earn $20 Easy! Pretend to Hate Clean Energy!

Abby Zimet

With a New York City rally planned next week to protest wind turbines in the U.K. - because there's been such a fierce groundswell of opposition to clean energy in England and Scotland from grassroots activists in mid-Manhattan - an odd job opportunity came up on Craigslist: A firm called Ovation would pay 100 "volunteers" $20 each to attend the rally. Hmmm. Donald Trump lives in New York. Trump hates wind turbines because they will destroy Scotland and the earth as we know it, also because pesky hippie environmental types built some near his glitzy golf course in Scotland so that rich people would have to see them at cocktail hour, which is obviously a sin against him and corporate capitalism, but nobody in Scotland will listen to him and in fact even laughed at him in Parliament when he said so. Trump has been on an insane war against wind turbines on Twitter and everywhere else for, like, forever. Trump has billions and is happy to buy and bully his way into the world but is also famously cheap enough to offer a pathetic 20 bucks to some hungry unfortunates to sell their souls. Trump is, well, Trump. After Grist noticed the job listing, it was pulled. Hmmm.

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