All Further Articles for 2013-01-24

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Catholic Doctrine: Fetuses Are Precious Pre-Born Gifts from God Unless It Will Cost Us Money, In Which Case They Aren't
In the name of having their self-righteous cake and eating it too, a Catholic hospital has achieved new heights in legal and moral contortions by arguing in a Colorado lawsuit they are not responsible for the deaths, along with their mother, of two viable seven-month-old twin fetuses because the unborn children aren't "persons" under state law. This, from Catholic Health Initiatives, the nation's second-largest faith-based health system with assets of $15 billion and the oft-touted godly mission to be guided by “fidelity to the Gospel (and) the sanctity of life from the moment of conception."
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Fighting Citizens United and Its Unholy Matrimony
Last weekend's third anniversary of Citizens United has passed, but actions to reverse the ruling are ongoing in at least 11 states and hundreds of communities. To celebrate them all, OWS and the Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping held a mock wedding ceremony for seven brides and seven corporations to protest the notion of democracy as "a commodity to be sold."
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Women in Combat, Like They Are and Have Been
The news that women will be "allowed" to serve in combat roles in "This Man's Army" et al has been greeted with It's-About-Time sighs from those who argue it simply reflects reality on the ground, where combat and support roles bleed into each other - except for inevitable malingerers like the guy in the WSJ arguing now men will have to poop in front of women and what kind of world will that make? In More, 146 women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan out of over 20,000 who have served. "The reality on the ground in a 360 battlefield is that women have been serving in combat...I didn't lose my legs in a bar fight." - Rep. Tammy Duckworth, injured flying helicopters in Iraq.
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Grand Theft Election: How the GOP Hopes to Rig the Electoral College and the Game (Even More Than It Does Now)
It seems that little gerrymandering move by Virginia Republicans who abruptly decided to redistrict their state while a tie-breaking Democrat was attending the inaugural - a move slammed by an advocacy group working to scrap the existing Electoral College - was just the start of a larger, slimier national strategy targeting blue states. The Center for American Progress details, with visuals, how a GOP plan to rig the election in their favor has already worked in six states, and could work in many more.
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